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Witches in Holland DVD (including p&p worldwide)

€ 40,00

Back cover - What is wicca?

How did it start and how is it practiced today? This publication seeks, through a 90-minute documentary and accompanying book, to answer these questions.

Countless people have been interviewed so that a clear picture of contemporary witchcraft arises, in all its forms. It is framed with beautiful visuals and atmospheric music.

This book, along with the DvD, is a must for anyone who, for whatever reason, is interested in Wicca.

The Dvd is complete with English and Spanish sub-titles and added extras


Featuring Rhianne Sythove, Morgana Sythove, Gwiddon, Geraldine Beskin, Rufus & Melissa Harrington, Lady Bara, Jana, Nemain, Mae Belteyn, Joke & Ko Lankester and the music of Maya Fridman, the Dolmen, Femke Bloem and L.E.A.F.

The postage worldwide is very expensive (11,80EU) so it might be worth it to ask around in your area if people would like to share P&P costs. Up to 4 can be sent for the same cost. Please send me an email if you want to set this up.

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